21 Days of prayer

We encourage you to spend time each day talking to God through prayer.

To help you, we have created a prayer guide for you to use.

  • Psalm 71:17-18

    Father, we pray for our kids in middle and high school. You know the stress and temptations that they are under, but let them hear and see of your great works! Draw them into your arms, Father.

  • Ephesians 4:1-3

    Father, create a heart of peace and unity in me. I humble myself before You and ask for that same spirit in all our community. Bring us all together in Your peace. Amen.

  • Jeremiah 33:3

    Hey God, let us always remember to call on You in our good times and bad and wait for Your incredible answers!

  • 1 Timothy 2:1-2

    We pray for the leaders of our community, country, and world that they will lead with Godly wisdom, courage, and integrity.

  • Joshua 24:15

    Almighty God, You know all of the students that are about to come to Milledgeville. Guide these students to make wise choices as they start their new lives in college. Put people in their paths that will help them choose You as their God. Use the Kudzu team to direct them onto the path that leads to You.

  • 1 Samuel 13:23b

    Our Father in heaven, we ask that You cover the teachers in the schools of our community with strength to teach what is good and right. Help them in stressful times to find hope in You and to see Your hand at work in all that they do.

  • Proverbs 22:6

    Father, help the Family Ministries Team as they seek to form partnerships with parents to nurture an everyday faith in their children. We ask You to help us as we invest in families to encourage them as they rally together to bring their families and children closer to God.

  • Acts 5:29

    Oh God, help us to hear and obey Your voice above every other that screams for our attention and obey You alone. Give us the strength to resist pressure from others that will move us away from You.

  • James 1:5

    Father, You say in Your word You will give wisdom to those who ask. Father, we pray for Your wisdom on all decisions we make and will always give You the praise, honor and glory.

  • Acts 1:8

    Father, help me to understand that You have given me YOUR power to be YOUR witness everywhere I go. Help me to care that there are people in my city that do not know You. Do not let me become so comfortable going about my own life that I do not see the people You love that need You are all around me. Give me a love for my city and for the world and help me care enough to actually do something.

  • 1 Timothy 4:12

    Help our young people as they go back to school and college. Almighty God help them to be an example to others, and give them a faith that changes how they talk, live, and love.

  • Matthew 28:19-20

    Lord, thank You for the call to go and reach others with the message of the Gospel. Remind me daily of the this calling to make disciples and baptize others for You. In Jesus name, amen.

  • 2 Timothy 2:22

    Oh God, help us to pursue the right activities, thoughts, and attitudes and run from the evil that pulls us down.

  • Deuteronomy 6:4-9

    Oh Father, please help our families to learn what it means to love You with all our heart, soul, and strength. Help us to be diligent teachers and doers of Your word in our homes, while traveling, and in our community throughout the day. May we keep You in the forefront of our mind, heart and thoughts. Help us to guide and lead our families.

  • John 13:34

    Oh God, give us a love that loves all people regardless of their race, nationality, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, etc.

  • John 4:23

    Lord, please help me in worshiping You with all of my heart. Help me to live a life of worship each and every day in response for what You have done.

  • James 1:12

    Almighty God, give us the strength to stand and endure until the end. Help us to connect with others that can help us stand strong and persevere through the tough times.

  • Matthew 11:28:30

    Heavenly Father - You are the God of the brokenhearted and those who are help captive by the struggles of life. Please show us how to be Your invitation to those in our community who are hurting and confused, to welcome them into the rest and peace that only Your Son can provide.

  • 1 Peter 3:15

    God, may I live my life in a way that leads others to ask about the hope I have in You. Give me the words to speak the truth with gentleness and respect so people can experience Your grace. Amen.

  • Acts 2:46

    Father, we pray that those not in a Life Group will see the benefits you have given us in Christian community, and attend Grouplink tomorrow night.

  • Acts 4:31

    Father God, fill us with Your Holy Spirit so that we will share Your Word boldly with our friends, enemies, neighbors, and families.