Our mission statement is to show the unconditional love of God to students through loving God, loving each other and community.

Northridge Christian Church began a campus ministry in 2011 when they acquired the church from First Christian Church. Since then the ministry has been reaching out to the students of GC&SU, GMC, and CGTC. In August of 2014, the ministry was named "Kudzu", with the mission of growing throughout the colleges of Milledgeville and making an impact for Christ.

During the semester, we meet Thursday nights at 6:30 for a free dinner, and then a program including music, prayer and a talk. Retreats, recreation, and service opportunities are also scheduled throughout the semester to give students the ability to build community. Smalls groups have also been formed and provide a more intimate way for students to grow together. If you have questions, please contact Mandy Cook, College Pastor.  Our Campus Church building located at 555 North Columbia Street

what is kudzu?

A college ministry of Northridge Christian Church. Kudzu is all about connecting with the college students of Milledgeville and spreading the love of Jesus through our community and beyond.

Throughout the semester we offer ways to get involved with church, service opportunities, small groups, retreats and so much more. Of course free food is always available!

We would love for you to join us. Look around the website and come check us out during the week. We look forward to meeting you!


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    I am a Sophomore Music major at Georgia College and this is a picture of me crying in public when I met a cute old dog. I'm obsessed with Lily Pulitzer. I know every single word to all the High School Musical songs, and I can make a mean double shot of espresso. I am a real Disney princess and if you say a certain phrase that reminds me of something, I'll probably break out into a musical number. One day, I would like to have a pet cow that likes to cuddle and maybe a goat or two with cute little beards.

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    So this is me...I'm the real Anna Kendrick. I just graduated from Point University with a degree in Psychology. I love me some camping. I just finished working at a summer camp in Chickamauga, GA where I was the program director for about 200 kids. I'm super pumped about this year. I can't wait to hangout with everyone and rock Kudzu!

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    I am a Sophomore Political Science major who doesn't actually understand politics. My two true loves are 5-hour naps and very berry sour gummy worms. I have a knack for adventure, so come cruise with me in my Prius around Milly, obnoxious singing and laughing will be provided if the Prius wasn't enough to embarrass you. Can't wait to meet you!

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    I'm a Student Athlete Nursing major at GCSU. I love Jesus, humans (especially of the baby kind), volleyball, polar bears, and ice cream. It is my dream to be in the Kudzu band but my voice cracks and I can't play an instrument so you can find me in the back dancing. All are welcome. Yay Jesus and yay Kudzu!

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    I'm a Sophomore at GCSU studying Nursing. I like to play guitar, write songs and perform for Kudzu. That's it!

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    I am a Sophomore and play for the GC softball team. I really like to talk... a lot... and my major is Mass Communications. I am obsessed with the sky and she's always looking for a pretty sky to take a picture of. Thursday nights are my favorite night of the week because I get to come to Kudzu! 

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    I am in my  fourth year of college and second year of school at GCSU. My goal in life is to make those around me smile and to just enjoy life.  Apparently people think I am funny but I can't hel it. I have a trait past down from generations in his family that allows me to have a head full of puns. I know so many puns that I've written a theatrical production about puns, it's basically a play on words. And don't ask me where I'm from once I speak to you, everyone knows I'm from the south, more specifically I am from a small town called Trion, GA. I have attended church all of his life and continue to grow my personal relationship with God and I love to share God's word with others.

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    I am currently a Pre-Engineering major and a Sophomore at Georgia College. I love listening to music as well as playing the French horn with the college wind ensemble, and I'm into pretty much anything geeky! I'm very excited to be a part of Kudzu's leadership team this semester, and I am looking forward to seeing where God take this wonderful group in the coming future! See you all around at Kudzu!

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    I'm a super Senior Nursing major from Savannah, GA. I have a serious obsession with puppies and I love babies and corn dogs, but I love Jesus the most. Kudzu has become one of my favorite parts of college and I'm so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us this year.

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    I am a Sophomore Music Therapy major at Georgia College. If I'm not napping, you can probably find me crying at cute puppies, sippin' coffee, or giggling at someone's jokes.

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    I am a Sophomore Art major at GCSU. Some  hobbies of mine include drawing and traveling and I hope in the future I can use these to meet new friends and hopefully impact others.

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    I'm a Junior at GCSU. I am an Accounting major and Economics minor. I play for the softball team at Georgia College and when I'm not playing I enjoy  reading, drawing, and hanging out with friends. My hometown is Sugar Hill, GA in Gwinnett County, and my best friend is me twin sister Holland, who also serves on the leadership team at Kudzu! 

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    I have German roots but I was born and raised here in the peach state. I am a Junior Geography major at Georgia College. Kudzu is a family to me as it is for all who walk in our doors. I hope you will join us as our ministry continues to follow Jesus and reach those on our campuses and community.

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    I'm a Junior at Georgia College! I am an Accounting major with a Spanish minor, and I also play softball for GCSU! When I'm not studying or playing softball, I also love to read! I am really excited to be a part of the Leadership Team and see Kudzu grow this year! It's going to be a great year! Oh yeah I also have a  twin sister, Hannah, who is on Leadership Team as well!

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    Kelsey is from Fayetteville, GA. I am currently a third year, Management Information System major at GCSU, with a hope to be an information security officer in the future. I have also been playing the violin for 11 years, and love to play whether it be at church or at school.

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    I am a Junior (because of dual-enrollment in High school) and in her second year at Georgia College  and Kudzu!!! I love traveling and trying new things. I have been skydiving and the next thing on my bucket list is diving with sharks (no cage). I am so excited to be part of this ministry and ask that you pray for me as I take on this new role!

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    I'm a Sophomore Nursing major. My story begins on a dark stormy night in early July. It was a troublesome birth (as I was largely overweight) yet somehow I managed to survive & now I'm on Leadership. Funny how life works huh? Nowadays I spend most of my time getting sad and trying to steal other people's ideas for this biography. If you have any medical questions, please don't ask me. I have no idea about any of it.

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    I'm a super cool Junior that's heading into the Community Health Program at GCSU, pray for me!!! I love me some soccer, and coffee and walks on the beach are fun too. I especially enjoy making a fool out of myself so that others can laugh...it's a gift I've mastered!

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    I'm a Junior Environment Science major from Thomasville in way South Georgia. If I'm not fishing, I'm probably either eating (a lot), sleeping, or getting ready to go fishing. I really love helping people out and making a difference, and am really excited for the upcoming year!

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    I'm a Senior Music Therapy major at Georgia College, and I love Kudzu!! I'm also the coordinator and head of the worship team for Kudzu. Outside of this, I enjoy hiking, drinking coffee, reading, and hanging with my amazing friends. I'm so excited for this year and all that is to come!

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    I go to GCSU to study Outdoor Education. I really like to travel and do outdoor activities such as kayaking and backpacking. Kudzu has been a part of my life for two years now and it's been an amazing journey the entire time that I wouldn't trade for the world!

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    I am a rising Junior at Georgia College. I spend my free time running, reading or scraping my knee playing intramural dodgeball; Kudzu needs to make a team. People say I know everyone, but chances are if you're looking at this, I haven't met you. I'm looking forward to a fun-filled year! Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm a Sociology major who might pick up Spanish as a minor for the second time.

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  • Kudzu

    Kudzu happens Thursday nights at 6:30 with a free meal downstairs, worship & a talk upstairs, and hangout afterwards.

    Kudzu happens Thursday nights at 6:30 with a free meal downstairs, worship & a talk upstairs on the top floor, and hangout afterwards.

  • $2 Tuesday

    Students pay $2 to eat and hangout at the Campus Church on Tuesdays beginning at 12:30p.

    Students pay $2 to come eat and hangout at Campus Church on Tuesdays beginning at 12:30p.


    Wednesday Morning Prayer is at the Campus Church and begins at 7a. We worship together, break out for devotional time, and gather in a circle for prayer. Coffee will be provided.

    Wednesday Morning Prayer is at the Campus Church and starts 7a. We worship together, separate for devotional time, and gather in a circle to pray. Coffee will be provided.


    We have several opportunities for students to connect with groups of guys or girls to grow closer to Christ.

    Joining a group is possible throughout the semester. Contact Mandy Cook for more information!

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    We are also a part of the Wray Food Pantry and Brave Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center.

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